Mystery as third Russian oil boss dies at company that criticised Vlad's war

Another billionaire rumoured to be 'poisoned by toad venom'

DEATH RIDDLE Mystery as third Russian oil boss dies suddenly at company that criticised Putin’s Ukraine invasion

ANOTHER top executive at Russia’s second largest oil company has died, marking the third mysterious death in the last 18 months.

Vladimir Nekrasov, 66, chairman of the Lukoil board of directors, died “suddenly” - marking the latest in a series of high-profile deaths of Russian oil tycoons.

Many mysterious deaths have been

Mars air may soon be breathable thanks to new 'desert-dwelling bacteria paint'

Scientists at the University of Surrey have created the game-changing new paint

AIR THIS Air on Mars may one day be breathable thanks to new ‘desert-dwelling bacteria paint’, scientists reveal

HUMANS may one day be able to breathe the air on Mars, thanks to an incredible new invention from researchers in Surrey.

A new paint which contains "oxygen-producing bacteria" could make the currently unlivable planet a place for humanity to thrive.

Scientists at the University of Surrey created the "b

Israel vows to increase airstrikes on Gaza as it prepares for 'next stage'

ISRAEL last night vowed to ramp up airstrikes on Gaza as it prepares for the "next stage of war".

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said bombing raids will be crucial in "minimising danger" to create the "best conditions" for invasion.

Tens of thousands of troops and huge columns of tanks remain massed on the Israel-Gaza border awaiting orders.

Speaking at a press conference on Saturday night, IDF spokesperson Daniel Hagari said: “We have to enter the next phase of the war in the best condition

Harrowing scale of Israeli blitz on ‘terror nest’ Gaza revealed by AI

RAZED TO THE GROUND Scale of Israeli blitz on ‘terror nest’ Gaza REVEALED by chilling AI analysis ahead of ‘Iron Sword’ invasion

SATELLITE pictures have unveiled the sheer scale of Israel’s bombardments on the Gaza Strip with the help of high tech AI analysis.

Countless missiles and bombs have struck the enclave since Israel vowed to crush Hamas in revenge for the October 7 massacre, which has left around 1,400 Israelis dead.

Israel’s defence minister Yoav Gallant vowed to “wipe Gaza off face

Hero Israeli woman saves whole village leading squad to kill 25 Hamas terrorists

FIGHTING BACK Hero Israeli woman Inbar Liberman saves whole village as she leads squad to kill 25 Hamas terrorists in bloody firefight

A BRAVE Israeli woman has been hailed as a hero after saving her entire community from blood-thirsty Hamas terrorists.

Inbar Lieberman helped coordinate defensive measures to kill two dozen Hamas militants from invading the kibbutz of Nir Am, only one mile from the besieged Gaza strip.

After explosions erupted early Saturday as Hamas unleashed a surprise attac

Shani whose body was paraded by Hamas was peace-lover as dance vid emerges

A GERMAN woman who had her naked body paraded around by Hamas terrorists in a horrifying display of war was a pacifist and peace activist.

Shani Louk, 22, has not been accounted for since the horrifying footage of her body being spat on by militants sparked outrage around the globe.

The German-Israeli citizen was seized from a peace music festival near Gaza by armed militants during the Saturday morning attack which sparked a declaration of war from Israel.

And heartbreaking video of her danc

Two Israeli tourists 'shot dead by police officer at tourist hotspot' in Egpyt

TWO Israeli tourists and their guide in Egypt were gunned down after a police officer opened fire at a popular tourist attraction.

It comes amid rising tensions across the region after a horror attack unleashed on Israel from Hamas has left hundreds dead and launched an all-out war.

Graphic photos emerged of the group, many of whom were lying injured, near Pompey's Pillar in Alexandria.

Video showed passerbys attempting to aide the wounded as a woman screamed for an ambulance.

Along with the

Netanyahu vows to reduce Gaza to ‘rubble’ in revenge for 'Israel's 9/11'

ISRAELI Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to reduce Gaza to “rubble” as he blitzes Hamas strongholds in revenge for the terror bloodbath dubbed “Israel’s 9/11”.

Israel’s Defence Forces are still fighting in the streets in the south of the country and have launched air strikes on Gaza following a surprise attack by the terrorist organisation Hamas.

The unexpected attack has been dubbed "Israel's 9/11" after what experts referred to as an "embarrassing intelligence failure" preceding t

Israel’s $1bn defences failed to stop massacre in 'embarrassing failure'

HAMAS launched an all-out attack on Israel despite the country's $1 billion Iron Dome defences in what experts are calling an "embarrassing intelligence failure".

The unprecedented morning attack from the terrorist group left hundreds of Israelis and Palestinians dead in a brutal massacre.

In response to the thousands of rockets launched into their territory, Israel declared a state of war against Palestine.

International relations professor and Chatham House Associate Fellow Yossi Mekelberg

Recluse hid in attic for 57 YEARS - and only emerged for a tragic reason

THE LOFT DWELLER Recluse hid from Nazis in his parents’ attic in Ukraine for 57 YEARS – and only emerged for a tragic reason

STEPAN Kovalchuk spent more than five decades tucked away in a small attic of his parent's house for a gut wrenching reason.

In 1942, the Ukrainian recluse entered the tiny dwelling to escape Nazi and Soviet troops, and remained hidden for fear of being drafted into the menacing Red Army.

On a trip to a monastery in a nearby village, Stepan and his mother heard horrifyi

Putin betrayed by own officers who ‘leaked intel for strike that killed 34'

KNIFED IN THE BACK Putin ‘betrayed by his own officers who leaked intel to Ukraine for massive strike that killed admiral and 33 others’

PUTIN'S own officers are believed to have handed over intelligence to Ukraine which allowed it to launch an attack that wiped out Russia's Black Sea Fleet headquarters.

The deadly missile strike in Sevastopol injured hundreds and killed 34 soldiers, including Admiral Viktor Sokolov, 61, Putin's hand-picked commander of the now-crippled Russian Black Sea Fleet

Maddie witness’s ‘bulls**t’ could destroy fight for justice, cops warned

GERMAN cops have been warned that their case against the prime suspect in Madeleine McCann's disappearance could collapse due to their "Bulls***" witness.

The investigators' over-reliance on "tarnished" evidence from the key witness could destroy their fight for justice, insider sources claim.

A damning statement by Helge B — an old friend of Christian B, 45, the prime suspect in the case — has become a cornerstone of the German-led police investigation.

However, a source close to the Portugu

Moment Russians blow up their own men as Putin loses 500 soldiers in a day

VLAD'S BUNGLE Humiliating footage shows panicking Russian troops blowing up their OWN men as Putin loses 500 soldiers in a day

THIS is the horrifying moment Russian troops were seen firing on their own troops as their soldiers tried to surrender as Ukraine reclaims key territory around the town of Bakhmut.

The village of Andriivka has seen fierce fighting in recent days as the Ukrainian counteroffensive is making major progress.

A video shared on Telegram showed Ukrainian troops under fire as

I was a POW after being blown up by Vlad's tanks - will to survive kept me alive

A UKRAINIAN prisoner of war has shared his horrifying ordeal which saw him held in a Russian prison camp for 14 months.

Oleksandr Didur, 30, lost three fingers, movement in his arm and his eye while defending his homeland from Putin's army.

The hero has now opened up about his experience in the abysmal Olenivka prison camp and his fight to survive.

After surviving a direct strike from a Russian tank, Oleksandr was so badly injured that his fellow servicemen initially labelled him as Cargo 200

First pics show Putin’s £250million submarine blown up by Storm Shadow missiles

BURNED OUT Dramatic first satellite pics show Putin’s prized £250million submarine & warship blown up by Storm Shadow missiles

NEWLY released satellite photos show the smouldering wreckage of two prized Russian naval assets after a devastating strike from Ukraine.

Yesterday, Kyiv's forces unleashed a barrage of ten cruise missiles along with kamikaze drones in a huge hit that rocked Putin's forces.

New dramatic photos shared on Twitter show the catastrophic damage inflicted on the landing shi

How UFOs went from conspiracy to a terrifying reality and 'security threat'

FOR decades, UFOS and aliens were considered to be the realm of tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorists - but are now considered a threat to national security and are discussed at the highest levels of government.

Something has changed as US officials have appeared to admit there is something in the skies - as credible witnesses continue to come forward to tell their extraordinary stories.

The 2010s saw decades of stigma began to break down as the politicians made UFO sightings a matter of na

Body language reveals Vlad & Kim’s secret messages & who is really in control

KIM JONG-UN and Vladimir Putin looked like the best of pals as they grinned and shook hands at a crunch summit - but there were also hidden, subtle messages.

Body language experts dissected the duo for The Sun Online - revealing the messages the two tinpot tyrants might not have realised they were sending as they met in Russia.

Both men met as they found themselves increasingly isolated and nearly friendless on the world stage, so appeared to be trying to deepen ties between the two war-mad na

Putin’s sub & warship blasted by ‘Storm Shadow missiles’ in massive Crimea blitz

UKRAINE unleashed a barrage of ten cruise missiles along with kamikaze drones in a massive assault on Russia's powerful Black Sea Fleet.

Vladimir Putin's forces were rocked as a submarine and an assault ship were blasted during the onslaught on the Crimean port of Sevastopol.

British-made Storm Shadow missiles and explosive-packed drone boats are believed to have been used in the biggest attack of its kind on the fleet - marking the first time such weapons have been used in Crimea.

Shocking f

Chilling details of Vlad & Kim’s talks as tyrants hail ‘sacred war on West’

VLADIMIR Putin and Kim Jong-un vowed to fight a "sacred" battle against the West after having talks and a lunch in Kim Jong-Un's honour.

The North Korean leader told Putin that he was sure that the Russian army and people would triumph against "evil" in a two-hour meeting.

The leaders are believed to have carried out sanctions-busting negotiations on supplying weapons to bolster Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Kim was pictured waving goodbye as he departed after the meeting and boarded his bull

Putin & Kim could form 'Axis of Evil' as tyrant to hand over weapons to Vlad

NORTH Korea and Russia could be in the beginning stages of a new "Axis of Evil" as their leaders plan to meet this week.

Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-Un will meet in the Russian port city of Vladivostok - and experts revealed said the meeting has the potential to cause trouble for the West.

International Relations expert Sergey Radchenko told The Sun if the meeting goes ahead as reported, it would be completely unexpected.

He said: "The issue at stake is whether North Korea sends weapons to Ru

Spain player files criminal complaint against FA boss over World Cup kiss

WORLD Cup Champion Jenni Hermoso has presented a complaint of sexual assault against Luis Ruibiales to the Spanish prosecutors office.

The footballer has laid low after FA president Luis Rubiales, 46, kissed her on the lips at last month’s final — sparking outrage.

State prosecutors are now expected to ask a Spanish court to place the 46-year-old under criminal investigation in the next few days.

It's the first formal complaint from Hermoso, 33, following the non consensual kiss after Spain's

Inside 'world's most haunted forest' where 'UFOs are seen and people VANISH'

INTO THE WOODS Inside ‘world’s creepiest forest’ where UFOs are seen & people disappear among gnarled trees as scientists left baffled

NESTLED between two mountain ranges in Transylvania is a forest locals have long refused to enter for fear of what lies within.

Now, a tour company is venturing into the Hoia-Baciu Forest, where UFOs, strange shadows, and other supernatural phenomena occur.

Legend says the area was named after a shepherd, Baciu, who supposedly entered the "world's most haunted

How Putin's 'Soviet' propaganda turned Russia into brainwashed 'zombie nation'

LONG before Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Putin began building his very own Soviet-style propaganda machine.

But Vlad's warped techniques at brainwashing his citizens have reached worrying new levels and have set Russia back decades, experts have warned.

The tyrant's campaign to put Russia back behind the Iron Curtain has taken a terrifying turn as he attempts to twist the minds of the young and come down hard on those who question the Kremlin's distorted reality.

Starting this year, all Russ

Inside Saudi’s underground raves where partygoers risk JAIL for boozing

WHEN hedonistic thrill-seekers think of an ideal spot for an underground party the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would tend to be the last place that would spring to mind.

Yet underneath the reserved and deeply conservative surface of the country, a musical revolution is sweeping in the form of both sanctioned festivals and unsanctioned raves.

The once frowned-upon music scene in cities such as Riyadh and Jeddah is flourishing - and a change in attitudes has brought about a neon-clad rebellion.

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